Project Info

Dabster is mobile-first service to satisfy all your communication and management needs. We at Dabster provides our customer a focused team which provides rapid development according to the clients need in your budget.


Dabster is a clutter-free, powerful and real-time internal communication and management solution.

It eliminates the need for having different app solutions for different problems. Dabster houses an ever-growing list of modules that have been developed in-house and are deeply integrated with each other.

The modules are auto-recommended to the users according to the type and sector of their businesses and can be selected or de-selected any time according to the need.

Key Features:

  • Dabster provides internal communication between employee as well as management.
  • It provides Mobile Physicians Engagement Solutions in your hand.
  • Dabster helps in providing educational analysis with educational intelligence, flawless management and better result.
  • 24*7 available experts to resolve your confusion in any situations.

Technical Excellence:

  • Developed a complete NodeJS based micro-service architecture with authentication, authorization, inter-process communication, logging, service discovery, analytics, version control, health checks, unit testing and documentation.
  • Built well-structured services for different use cases to enable flexibility and scalability at the same time.
  • Used Teade for synchronous and RabbitMQ(AMQP) for asynchronous inter- service communication.
  • Used the ELK for logging and visualization.
  • Followed a combination of Kanban and SCRUM agile approaches for service development.

Technology Stack:


  • NodeJS
  • Mongo DB
  • MySQL


  • RabbitMQ
  • Teade


  • Elastic Search
  • Kibana
  • Logstash

Service Discovery:

  • Marathon

REST API Documentation:

  • Swagger


  • Docker


  • DC/OS
  • Marathon
  • Jenkins
  • Docker Hub


  • Git