Project Info

CXIHUB is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India. From enabling peer-to-peer trading of crypto assets to being robust and secure at the same time, CXIHUB has everything you need in a crypto trading platform.


CXIHUB engaged with Zivost Technologies as their technology partner to enable the complete product design, strategy and development.

Zivost Technologies provided a complete end-to-end solution to fulfil all the business requirements in the form of web app, admin interface, database and, open APIs.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to trade crypto assets with your peers using an open book ledger.
  • Let’s you deposit/withdraw crypto funds securely
  • Provides you an interface to verify your identity, phone number, aadhaar & bankaccounts and other KYC procedures.

Technical Excellence:

  • Designed and executed a real-time & blazingly fast trade engine from scratch.
  • Deployed and interfaced multiple blockchain nodes and interfaced them with the trade engine.
  • Deployed the long running services on AWS Elastic Container Service.
  • Built well-structured services for different use cases to enable flexibility and scalability at the same time.
  • Used Teade for synchronous and RabbitMQ(AMQP) for asynchronous inter-service communication.
  • Used the ELK for logging and visualization.
  • Followed a combination of Kanban and SCRUM agile approaches for service development.

Technology Stack:


  • NodeJS
  • Mongo DB


  • RabbitMQ (AMQP)
  • gRPC/Teade
  • MQTT (real-time)


  • Elastic Search
  • Kibana
  • Logstash

REST API Documentation:

  • Swagger


  • Docker


  • DC/OS
  • Marathon
  • Jenkins
  • Docker Hub


  • Git (VCS)