Project Info

Based out of California, ClassCalc is an advanced calculator app that aims to replace expensive graphing and scientific calculators. It is a calculator which you can safely use during classes and tests. It enables teachers and management to temporarily lock studentsin on their calculator screen, blocking out all distractions and potential cheating hazards such as texting, calling, other apps and the internet.


ClassCalc engaged with Zivost Technologies as their frontend engineering & DevOps partner to help them create the web version of their powerful calculator and scale it up to enable concurrent usage by thousands of students and teachers worldwide.

Technical Excellence:

  • Developed a complete ReactJS based responsive web application with web-sockets and REST API integration along with authorization, authentication, analytics, version control, unit testing and documentation.
  • Deployed a private Kubernetes cluster on GCP(Google Cloud Platform) with administrative authorization, scalable services, Lets Encrypt SSL.
  • Built the CI/CD pipelines for backend and frontend services.
  • Configured the cluster for blue-green deployments, Horizontal and Vertical scaling, NAT based egress and private access.
  • Built well-structured services for different use cases to enable flexibility and scalability atthe same time.
  • Followed a combination of Kanban and SCRUM agile approaches for service development.

Technology Stack:


  • ReactJS
  • WebSockets
  • SCSS
  • Webpack


  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Google Cloud Build
  • Google NAT
  • Google Load Balancers
  • Nginx
  • Cert-Manager


  • Google Audit Logs
  • Google Container Logs

Service Discovery:

  • Istio