Convert Your Ideas into an APP

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India is the fourth largest app economy in the world which shows the rise in the app development market in India. It is contemplated that by the end of year 2020 app downloads may cross 20 billion marks. Statistics states that in India about 97% users rely on the mobile app over websites.


Here is the list of the app’s companies that have completely rely on their business profits to the mobile applications such as Redbus, Zomato, Uber, Ola, Paytm etc.

How to get started?

A. Pen down all your ideas

Do not isolate your ideas with the different possibilities attached while turning it into an app. We recommend you write down every single idea that strikes in your mind. Ideas can pitch at anywhere or anytime so, it is important to write those ideas on notebook or Google Docs. It is important to pen down every idea before you forget because you never know, one of those ideas might be the next big thing.

B. Choose the idea that pursue you the most

While writing each idea there comes a situation that your mind sticks with one idea for a very long time. We are sure there is that one idea that you really want to pursue. Isolate that idea and start thinking different possibilities with it.

C. Check application feasibility

Above steps will take your idea to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which can be released, reviewed and improved. When you get the essence of the idea then it is important to check the feasibility in the real market.

D. What is a Minimum Viable Product?

MVP states the product first release which consists of basic feature for the early customers. It helps in providing at least the sample product which is launched as initial release. You can improve your product in upcoming iterative release. It helps in gaining user reviews and you can develop with the much better approach.

E. Competition Test

How to be sure that there exists a market for your products the answer is competition. Your app may be facing the problem in MVP test then you have to identify the problem and develop the solution. Competition may be dealing with the same problem you can take the reference and make your product distinguish from others.



A. Create a feature set

A feature set is a written document that details the specification of the app. It is wrapped with specification such as the design of the app and description of the technology needed. Feature set enables the platform for the better communication of your vision with team members, developers, and investors.

Feature set would be like:

  1. Introduction to your product.
  2. The vision of your app (design, product, and business).
  3. The detailed description of the technical feature.

B. Create a wireframe

In a layman word, it is the blueprint of the product and the best way to implement it by using pen and paper. It helps to create basic framework as described above of the different screens that would be included in the app. While creating a basic wireframe, most important part is to stick with your main goal do not get carried away envisioning unnecessary elements.

C. Coding

In-app development eventually all comes down to the coding, now the question arises whether code yourself or to outsource?

  1. You can either hire an app development agency (like which will provide complete solutions to your application.
  2. You can either develop with your own team.
  3. You can build it yourself.

D. Review and Rebuild with market feedback

Although this is the fourth phase in the framework of this blog, you are still at very early stages of app development process. Only once your app is out will you be able to see its positive features and defects. Review and Rebuild phase allows your product to evolve and improve with feedback and input from the market.

Business Development

Your app should have a vision of how it will create business for you, first thing first it should have researched pricing as:

  1. Hire those that can provide your idea into a lucrative product within your budget.
  2. Selection of the platform for initial stage is an important decision.
  3. Check out the developer’s previous records as it is a full stack development.

After production phase product reaches the market, you have to apply different marketing strategy to increase your product reach. According to us involving in the conversation with those people who are fulfilling startup goals provides you better direction and motivation.