AR in fashion retail

You took your fashion retail business to the digital platform to stay in the market in this ever-advancing era of technology but now facing a problem in attaining customer satisfaction?

Taking your business to the digital platform is not enough to beat the competition in today's world. The fashion industry creatively applies various technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT, 3D scanning, AR, and these technologies will help keep your customers engaged and satisfied effortlessly. 

Charles Darwin has said, "It is the most adaptable to change that will be able to survive." 

The use of these emerging technologies in fashion retail is the change that will help your business survive. Even customers are expecting emerging technologies to enhance their shopping experience. 

A massive 69% of the customers expect Augmented reality (AR) in fashion retail, making it extremely important today. Using AR in fashion retail opens a variety of possibilities in the fashion industry. 

Let us give you a brief idea about various emerging technologies in fashion retail.

Emerging Technologies in Fashion Retail


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most incredible innovation across all industries at present, not just the fashion industry. Uses of AI in fashion include:

  • Improving customer experience.
  • Checking and predicting patterns.
  • Realizing purchasing behaviors.
  • Even understanding the fashion sense of individuals and suggesting products based on their preferences.

Artificial Intelligence helps predict, plan, and promote clothes and improve product availability. 

3D Scanning

3D scanning gives the customers a virtual try-on experience. While shopping online shopping for clothes, finding the right fit is difficult. But 3D scanning can help tackle this by scanning the customer's body via an app and providing tailored garments; this will help reduce the chances of return and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Augmented reality (AR)

One more innovation that you've most likely heard a lot about is Augmented Reality (AR). AR adds virtual insights and recreations into this real-world environment.

AR is amazingly energizing in the design business, as it considers the physical and virtual world of retail to consolidate. One of the most famous uses of AR in fashion retail is an innovation that permits customers to try on the garments virtually without the hassles of stores and trial rooms.

Fashion applications and mobile commerce

We invest a lot of time on our phones and tablets these days, and the fashion business is taking advantage of this and has begun making a wide range of apps and mobile technologies. Making apps makes it more straightforward for brands to associate with customers, so we will undoubtedly see many such apps soon.

Nowadays, there are applications for everything. Depop and Vinted are a few fashion marketplaces where individuals can trade garments, and there has been a convergence of garments renting apps like By Rotation and On Loan.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a method for depicting all the items that have innovation inserted into them to permit them to utilize internet availability. Fashion products can go under the IoT classification as well, and they can assist us with fulfilling the needs of our current life.

Coded Couture by IVYREVEL: The Swedish-based brand developed a Coded Couture application in partnership with Google. This app would track your habits and routines to design a new outfit. As in the place you go (for example, an extravagant café, well-known dance clubs, neighborhoods), the application will prescribe to add jewels, an advanced style, and a particular color.

Examples of Use of AR in Fashion Retail


AR sneaker try on



Virtual Sneakers

Adidas was amongst some brands to introduce AR a few months before the pandemic. 

In November 2019, Adidas added the component to its iOS application to help customers settle on a purchase while never entering a store. It was soon to become unavoidable for all consumers, and the technology enables users to see how sneakers look on their feet.


See My Fit

An innovative fashion retailer ASOS has simulated models that a customer can dress with their choice of garment. It helped customers get an idea about how the garment will look on them. With this latest technology, the retailer intended to put the power in the customer's hands. 


See Your Avatar

GAP chose to experiment with the concept of AR clothing. The 'Dressing Room App' from GAP allowed users to try a dress on a virtual mirror. To generate their digital avatar, customers have to enter height, weight, and body shape. A camera scans the customer's body and virtually displays the digital clothes over them. Then, shoppers can check how they will look from all angles in their new outfits by moving their avatar.


Virtual Fitting Room

It seems a task for many customers to try on clothes to check the fit. TopShop used AR to tackle this issue by introducing virtual fitting rooms for their stores. The idea is shoppers can skip the hassle of usual dressing; instead, they can try the garment without actually removing the clothes they are wearing. 

Why You Should Give AR a Thought

Online shopping is growing fast, with a customer base of 60% millennials and more than half of the new generation. 

Offline businesses have also started investing in Augmented reality in fashion retail to stay in the race. AR makes offline shopping more fun and exciting, and Online retail companies also benefit from the implementation of AR. 

One of the biggest retail conferences in the world, NRF, has confirmed that these immersive technologies like AR are the future of the retail sector. It is time for design retailers to step into the future and benefit from the technology.


This game-changing technology will restructure the retail business and change how individuals shop. AR technology is rapidly growing, and the firms that will not figure out how to get on board with this – will be abandoned!

On the whole, the implementation of Augmentation reality in fashion retail provides the best opportunities for both online and offline businesses. And to get the benefit, you should collaborate with the best technology-based service provider. 

If you intend to utilize AR to upgrade your product offering, it's essential to choose the right partner!