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Short video platforms have taken the creativity of people to the next level. Some of them are Instagram Reels, Moj, ShareChat, Chingari, Josh, MX TakaTak or Tik-Tok. These apps have become a source of entertainment for people worldwide. These apps have millions of users mainly in the group of teens and adults. People spend hours creating videos and their content.


With the success of these short video apps, the demand for creating similar apps has also surged. These short video apps have become so popular that people are searching for ways to create apps like Moj or Tik-Tok.


What is a Short Video App?

A short video app is where users create their videos and edit them before sharing them with the world. Users can create their content with various effects and options available in the app. Like a user can create his videos while lip-syncing with the background music. These apps are fun which gives users the freedom to experiment and take their creativity to the next level. Fun and entertainment are the two factors that are attracting users worldwide.

Various factors are responsible for the success of these apps like:

Short Content

You get 15 seconds to three minutes to create a video and you can share the video on social media in no time. The best part of the app is that you don’t need to spend hours making and editing a video all thanks to the ready-to-use effects and filters. These apps need the least human attention and provide a great level of entertainment. The short length of the content keeps your entertainment at a peak with ample and diverse content.


The presence of celebrities and brands on the platform supercharges engagement and awareness.

Money-making opportunities

Users can collaborate with brands, play contests, and win prizes, they may even receive gifts during live streaming.


Business Model of a Short-Video App

Short-video platforms bring in cash through three unique roads: Advertising, In-App Purchases, and E-Commerce Offerings. You may have the following sorts of promotions: In-Feed Ads, Brand Takeover Ads, Top View Ads, Branded Hashtags, Branded Effects. In-App Purchases incorporate users purchasing virtual in-application coins and E-Commerce offerings for the most part incorporate income for being an affiliate.


With the popularity of short-video platforms, businesses have started considering them as a sizable ads sector. Hence advertising has become the primary revenue generator for the apps.

In-Feed Ads

In-feed promotions are brief video advertisements displayed in the user feed as they look through the "For You Page", which is loaded with content customized for the user. These promotions, like the ones that show up in Instagram Stories, mix locally with the feed.

Brand Takeover Ads

The Brand Takeover promotions take control over the whole screen when users open the application. These sorts of promotions are utilized to create awareness in the masses and drive deals by showing them to their target audience.

Top View Ads

The Top Views Ads are like the Brand Takeover advertisements, then again, they don't cover the screen when users sign in; they appear in the first In-feed post after 3 seconds. These full-screen advertisements with auto-play and sound last if 60 seconds, assisting with brand exposure.

Branded Hashtag Ads

Displayed on the disclosure page, Branded Hashtags advertisements involve users by requesting them to make a video dancing or doing something different by a specific product. After creating the fun videos, users post them with a predefined brand hashtag. A cool format, Branded hashtag ads assist with making awareness, while simultaneously, transforming it into a great fun-filled experience.

Branded Effect Ads

The branded Effects incorporate custom stickers as well as AR filters and lenses, which users can add to their videos. The app permits these effects to remain ‘live’ for approximately 10 days, giving users a long sufficient opportunity to cooperate with the brand.

In-App Purchases

One more kind of revenue is virtual coins through which both the app and the users can bring in cash. Let’s say a user that has more than 1,000 supporters can give virtual gifts by communicating a live video.

If followers like the content of the user, they can send virtual gifts to them, yet each gift amounts to a specific number of coins and the followers need to buy these coins with cash through the app. Then, at that point, they can utilize these coins to send gifts to their cherished content creator.


ECommerce Offerings

In recent years, easing the facilitation of e-commerce has become one of the biggest trends.  You can take a percentage of the business sum for going about as the affiliate, as other online media stages like Instagram do. Permitting users to buy right inside the app diminishes the conflict engaged with diverting users somewhere else and gives a lift to conversation rates that would somehow, or another be adversely affected.


These apps have great potential, and you can earn a huge amount of money.


Creating short video

How to Develop a Similar App

Building a popular & polished app is a craft, you will need to choose the perfect tech stack and hire the right team to execute this carefully with precision.

Recommended Tech Stack:

App Frontend:

  • Swift for iOS App (iPhone)
  • Kotlin/Java for Android App


  • React Native/Flutter for a hybrid app


  • MQTT for Real-Time engine and chat
  • Firebase Analytics for Real-Time analytics
  • Firebase Push Notifications
  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert for streaming conversion

Web Frontend (Admin):

  • ReactJS 2. MQTT for real-time


  • NodeJS for backend development
  • Postgresql and MongoDB for database
  • AWS for Cloud Instances

CDN services:

  • Amazon CloudFront OR Cloudflare

Team Requirement:

  • React/Native Developers (2)
  • Backend Developers (2)
  • Project Manager (1)
  • Business Analyst (1)
  • QA Engineer (1)
  • UI/UX Designer (2)


You can hire an experienced app development company to get this app developed with skilled and experienced developers. This will take off a major load from your shoulders and focus on the other business aspects of the app while your app is being developed by the experienced team.

How Much You Need to Spend


The expense to create an application that resembles TikTok or Instagram Reels will take around $20,000-$30,000.

Apart from this, the expense to construct such an application will rely upon a few variables like the platform used for the application, intricacy, required resources, and much more. One of the simple methods for knowing the estimated cost of fostering an app can be to count the number of hours to fabricate the application and multiply it by the expense each hour. You should also understand that the expertise of the engineer will likewise play a critical part in deciding the charge each hour.

Time Required to Develop an App Like Moj or Tik-Tok?

Curating a short video app like Instagram Reels, Moj, or Tik-Tok with an experienced team would take around 12 weeks and if you want your app to be equipped with all the latest features it will take approximately 20 weeks.


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