How to create an app like Dream11 and My11Circle?

While the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 fever has the world glued to their TV screens, there’s also the Mobile Phone Screen to which people are getting stuck for hours. We’re not talking about watching the game on the phone screen, we’re here talking about the craze of playing fantasy cricket apps like Dream11, My11Circle, Mobile Premier League, MyTeam11, etc. where people invest and earn real cash.

We’re not kidding!

Fantasy cricket apps are a great earning opportunity for the users as well as the app creators.

What are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

Fantasy Cricket refers to the fantasy sports genre where players are required to create a virtual team of 11 players and take part in ongoing contests, the players are chosen from a real upcoming cricket match and the team can’t be altered once the game starts. Like the real game proceeds, the users will get points based on the performance of their chosen players in the cricket match, at the end the user who has the team with the highest points wins the contest.

What’s the Business Model?

Upon entering the contest, the users are required to pay a small fee. Out of the total fee collected around 20% is kept by your company.


Contest #1:

Entry Fee: Rs. 35 User spots: 50,00,000 Total Collection: Rs. 17 Crore (approximately) Prize Pool: Rs 14 Crore Company Profit: 3 Crore

Contest #2:

Entry Fee: Rs. 25 User Spots: 25,000 Total Collection: Rs. 6.25 Lakh Prize Pool: Rs. 5 Lakh Company Profit: Rs. 1.25 Lakh

Apps like Dream11 run multiple (100+) similar contests for every IPL game. You can calculate the magnanimous amount of earnings they do every season.

Key Features of a Cricket Fantasy App

Here’s a list of key features along with add-ons.


How to develop a similar app to Dream11?

Building a popular & polished app is a craft, you will need to choose the perfect tech stack and hire the right team to execute this carefully with precision.

Recommended Tech Stack:

App Frontend:

    1. Swift for iOS App (iPhone)
    2. Kotlin/Java for Android App


    1. React Native for a hybrid app


    1. MQTT for Real-Time engine and chat
    2. Firebase Analytics for Real-Time analytics
    3. Firebase Push Notifications

Web Frontend (Admin):

    1. ReactJS
    2. MQTT for real-time


    1. NodeJS for backend development
    2. Postgresql and MongoDB for database
    3. AWS for Cloud


    1. FIFS Certifications or License

Team Requirement:

    1. React Native Developers (2)
    2. Backend Developers (2)
    3. Project Manager (1)
    4. Business Analyst (1)
    5. QA Engineer (1)
    6. UI/UX Designer (2)


You can hire an experienced app development company to get this app developed with skilled and experienced developers. This will take off a major load from your shoulders and focus on the other business aspects of the app while your app is being developed by the experienced team.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Dream11?

To develop an app like Dream11 it would cost somewhere around USD 30,000 to 40,000 for a React Native app and around USD 55,000 for native Android and iOS apps.

If you want all the advanced features to be integrated into the app it could cost you around $80,000 in total.

The hourly rate for getting this app developed would be in a range of USD 15-200 per hour depending on the experience and exposure of the company.

If you are looking to get an app as Dream11 developed from an experienced app development company, you can drop us an email at

How much time it would take to develop an app like Dream11?

Developing an app like Dream11 with an experienced team would take around 12 weeks and if you want all the advanced features integrated it will take approximately 20 weeks to accomplish that.

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